The Digital Health Engagement Institute (DHEI)

The Digital Health Engagement Institute (DHEI) is a non-profit, independent foundation set to be the leading research institute for digital health engagement tools and digital health benchmarking.

About Our Mission and Goals

The Digital Health Engagement Institute (DHEI), with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, has gathered professors and experts in the fields of gamification, big data, and behavioral science from all over the world with the aim of making digital health engagement a widespread tool for the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.


Our vision at the DHEI is to be an established institution of excellence in research among the fields of digital health engagement and wellbeing platforms.


The DHEI’s mission is to seek crucial knowledge about how digital health engagement can benefit consumers’ health around the globe. We strive for a world where everybody has access to better health outcomes through digital health engagement platforms. We want to empower everybody to live their full health potential.

Board Members

Our board members have been carefully selected due to their expertise and knowledge in the various fields of research within the DHEI.
Peter Ohnemus

Peter Ohnemus

President & CEO of Swiss Insurtech dacadoo, Peter Ohnemus is the Founder and Chair of the DHEI. Peter is a frequent speaker and has spoken at renowned events across the world. Peter occasionally teaches digital innovation & entrepreneurship at Universities such as ETH, HSG- Switzerland, Bocconi – India.


Kevin Werbach

Prof. of Legal Studies & Business Ethics, The Wharton School. Author and Pioneer in gamification, applying digital game-design techniques to business (For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business).

Ivo Vlaev

Prof. of Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School. Track record of research in decision science (behavioural economics) and behaviour change, which is published in peer-reviewed academic journals, books & gov. reports.
Soo Yong

Soo-Yong Shin

Prof. of Digital Health, SungKyunKwan University. His research interests mainly focused on healthcare data themselves, i.e. standardization, analysis (usually deep learning), and privacy protection.

DHEI Press Releases



TDI Talks! with dacadoo’s Peter Ohnemus, Founder of the Digital Health Engagement Institute

TDI’s Hugh Terry speaks with Peter Ohnemus, President & CEO, dacadoo, in his capacity as Founder and Chair of the Digital Health Engagement Institute (DHEI)


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